KJV Bible Wallpaper Computer John 10:27-28

I enjoy wallpapers… I also enjoy sharing what I am passionate about… So, I partnered with my Fuji Film Fine-Pix camera and my beloved KJV Scofield Bible to make wallpapers… ✝ Whether you like wallpapers with chickens or not (I have quite a few subjects in progress), they are free for anyone to use.

Additionally, I have recently taken to creating quote designs (not necessarily standard device wallpaper size and usually no photography used). Such designs would be perfect printed and framed on the wall. Thanks to my new designing application, I even offer free designs with a transparent background option!

Note: I add new wallpapers to my site as I create them. More will be available in the near future.

Simple 2-Step Instructions for Downloading below:

Instructions to download images with a computer that has a touch-pad:

Two finger tap the image and select “save” when options appear.

Instructions to download wallpapers with a computer via mouse:

Right click the image and click save when options appear.

Instructions for downloading Wallpapers with an iPad or iPhone:

Tap and hold the image (only one finger necessary). Select ‘save’ when options appear. 

God Bless!

If you have trouble downloading any images, please let me know!


The links below will take you to pages containing for free Wallpapers & scripture verse designs.

Iphone Wallpapers (with verse)

Computer Wallpapers (with verse)