The New Chicks (Plus Funny Video)!

Chicks vs DogMeet Sleepy & Buttercup… my 2 new chicks. At 4 days old, they literally just showed up on the doorstep (Yeah, how cool is It to get a surprise of peeping fuzzies?)

So… How does one exactly get peeps to show up? Well, the local charter school decided to hatch peeps for a school project. Hatching peeps is very educational (not to mention insanely fun!). To cut a long story short, the school did not know what to do with the chicks after they hatched… so they sent them home with the kids. Sadly, some of the kids where not able to keep the peeps. Hearing that I owned chickens from a relative (our neighbor), one of the girls took her beloved Sleepy & Buttercup over to our house. I must admit that I had aspiring dreams of owning all these fancy breeds… but at the sight of Sleepy and Buttercup, my heart melted like butter. I could hardly be happier with the peeping fuzzballs…

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Both Sleepy & Buttercup are crossbreeds (as far as I know). Columbian Wyandotte in the cross is highly probably considering that the girl that gave them to me said Wyandotte was in there somewhere. Given Buttercup’s beard and muffs, I presume he/she is an Easter Egger cross. Sleepy is likely a Rhode Island Red (the girl mentioned RIR and Sleepy is showing some strong red coloration) crossed with Buttercup’s other parent (given their color/pattern similarities). As stated above, this other parent is likely Columbian Wyandotte. However, these are just guesses!

Chicks (baby chickens)
Above (left-to-right): Buttercup & Sleepy


 I took my two charges (now nearly a week old) to play outside. Both peeps where thoroughly enjoying themselves in the warm sunshine… When they encountered Daisy, our brindle Mastiff dog…

Chicks vs Mastiff

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