Windstorm: The New Ruler of the Roost

Above: Windstorm, my rooster

Meet my newest flock addition! He is a beautiful iridescent black and silver Easter Egger named Windstorm (‘Storm’, for short)….

After the tragic disappearance of King Henry, the 1st, (my Welsummer rooster), I missed keeping a rooster… 😞

Being very particular about my roosters, I looked carefully to find just the right one… And I found Windstorm. I looked through hundreds of rooster for sale adds… but I knew he was the one. Though he was hours of driving away, I asked God if I could have the rooster and He seemingly just worked out. 🙂


Windstorm not only has strongly iridescent feathers but his female offspring have a 50% chance of being blue egg layers. He also has a deep, soft voice (which he uses often) and a full, three-syllable crow. Windstorm has big, dark, solemn eyes (very much like an Australorp’s). He also has a big, black beard, a silver penciled head and pea-comb (like a silver Ameraucana) The combination makes him appear as if he had a fancy suit on. 😉

Above: Windstorm with his flock of hens

Rooster Temperament

Windstorm is only 7 months old. He is gentle and very sweet and very protective over his flock. His favorite thing to do, seemingly, is tid-bitting with something really tasty. He gets all excited and spins in circles whenever he finds a worm to feed his hens (worms are one of his favorites).

A Rooster Job: Protection & Service

Windstorm is very observant of his surroundings and likes keeping his ladies together and close by, where he can see and hear them. He also crows when my adventurous hens cross our property line or get to close to the barb-wire fence which separates the flock from danger (which includes neighbor dogs).

When Hawks fly by, Windstorm is very prompt on sounding the alarm. Although my older hens can be stubborn about listening to him, he tries to round them up and get them to safety anyways…

One day, my two naughty sex-link hybrid hens wandered two doors down (yeah… they lost their free-ranging privileges since that event). In the first stage of escape, they crossed our property line… Windstorm took note. The other hens nervously began following. However, Windstorm, like a good rooster, took action. He crowed several times to call them back. When they ignored him (poor guy), he called the other hens, rounded them up and took them back to the chicken-area/coop. However, he still watched the property line and crowed without ceasing… hoping that his Sex-Link hens would hear his calls and come back. After ~10 min, the recalcitrant hens, realizing they where alone, began regretfully making their way back…

Presently, the sex-link hens are in coop time-out and are not allowed out unsupervised. |🐓|🐓|

However, thanks to Windstorm, all the other hens where kept safe and sound.

Above: Windstorm

Sweet Moment

The other day, Windstorm spotted Abby, my Easter Egger hen, laying an egg in the nest box…. I have never seen a rooster so thrilled. He jumped up and did a full circle in the air and landed in the spot of take off, all the while clucking and cooing. He then got up beside Abby and chirped excitedly. Abby, seemingly indifferent, continued spinning around in circles in her nest, making a firmer impression of herself in the shavings.

Above: Windstorm, my rooster

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