Chicken Breed Reviews!

Chicken Breed Reviews!

I know I post a lot about chicken breeds but why don’t you take a turn? So, please post your favorite breed (and why that breed is your favorite) here! (You could even get your own flock featured!)

If your choice breed has not been featured on my site, than I will see to it that it is posted soon! However, to get it featured on The Way of the Chicken, simply leave a review below. Thank you for your time and have fun!


If you include your own pictures of your choice breed, you could get your own flock featured! However, if you include images, please follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Image Submissions:

Images must be clear and decipherable. Also, submitted images will only be accepted if the subject is in good health/appearance.

If you provide images, please provid your name or business in the form below (so I can give you credit as the poultry photographer/owner). You can choose to not include your name or business if you wish to remain anonymous. However, please specify if you wish to remain anonymous. This is because though I will keep a copy of the original, I will put ‘’ on anonymous images (so they are not stolen).

Instructions for Uploading Multiple Images:

To submit an Image, click the ‘Upload Image’ button below. If you wish to upload multiple images, click the ‘Upload Image’ button again after you have selected the first image.

Notes: Providing your email is for contact purposes only. It will NEVER be shared or sold to anyone… That’s a promise!

This form is protected by anti-spam software for your safety!

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