Minorcas are lively chickens that come in a variety of colors including Buff, black, white blue and even barred. . .

    They are very intelligent and curious in nature. They are also fast and easily spooked but are very outgoing, which means when they are treated well by people, they are very friendly and entertaining to watch.

   Minorca hens weigh about 5-7  pounds and Minorca Roosters weigh about 6-8 pounds, which means they are a medium to light weight chicken. 

Minorcas are also very avid foragers and tend to be very busy with scratching. Because of this trait, they do poorly in small spaces and are best kept free range. However, if they are kept in confinement, they like to have a source of occupation. Grass clippings, scratch blocks and the like suit them well.

   Minorcas are fair layers of small-medium white eggs: Minorcas lay about 200 eggs per year.

Minorcas dislike cold but are fairly heat hardy and do well in warm weather. 

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