The Peeps & the Pets

Funny Cat & Chicken
Above: Dusty & Shadow

I love watching my chickens when they interact with other animals… Chickens are very curious creatures and when they meet new animals, the exchange is often rather amusing (particularly with chicks and young chickens)…

Dusty & Shadow

Dusty is our flock ‘lap chicken’, meaning, she will beg to be picked up and will sit on your lap in happy company. Dusty has little fear of other animals… in fact, she gets along well with them and will sit by them and preen. However, sometimes other animals overstep the mark (i.e. want to extensively sniff, impart slobber or play with her more than Dusty is cool with). Unlike other chickens though, this chicken doesn’t flee… or even budge, she gives the animal a piece of her mind! In fact, as far as pecking order is concerned, Dusty is far superior than our 140 pound dog.

Above: Dusty, Shadow & Lizzy (sister)
Chicken & Cat
Above: Dusty & Shadow
Funny Pets: Cat & Chicken
Above: Dusty & Shadow

Chicken & Cat Friends

Pet Cat & Chicken

The Peeps & Sunshine:

After introducing my little peeps (that is what I call my Polish and Crevecoeur chicks) to the outside world, they found Sunshine, our cat, a most interesting subject of observation…

Note: Sunshine has been raised around chickens and is quite accustomed to them. Although she was very curious about the crested ones, she was gentle and has never chased or hurt them. 

The Shadow Rules

Chickens and cat

Shadow, our black rescue cat loves exercising her rule over the chickens. Though she has never hurt them, she loves stalking them for fun just to see them sound their warning calls.

Daisy & the Chicks

Above: Elly (Crevecoeur) & Daisy

Daisy is our Brindle Mastiff dog. She is large and gentle. As a young cockerel, Henry, loved playing between her big paws when she sat on the grass. She would quietly sniff and wag her tail in excitement, trying to be careful so she didn’t scare her little feathered companion away. Since Henry, she has always loved peeps. Whenever she sees them, she tries to slowly inch towards them so she can get a smell… or perhaps some companionship and maybe even cuddles.

Above: Sam with Dusty (Orpington hen) & Daisy

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