What is a Bantam Chicken?

    bantam-chickens-compared-regular-sizeFeatured above: Silkie beside bantam. Image from My Pet Chicken

 Bantams chickens (which are basically miniature chickens), come in many colors and varieties. Bantams only weigh about 1-2 pounds on average (one-fourth to one fifth the size of their larger cousins)…


What is a Bantam Chicken?

There are two different types of Bantam chickens, true Bantams and imitative miniatures. True Bantams have no larger counterpart. Imitative miniatures are ‘fun sized’ versions of a bigger breed. Either way, bantams can make great backyard pets, especially for those with small yards. However, since Banties are so small, they are more vulnerable to predators and need a secure place to be.

Bantam Chicken Egg Production

Bantams are not the absolute best layers. Bantams lay about 150 little eggs per year. However, bantam eggs are only about 1/2-1/3 the size of regular chicken eggs. (So cute!)

       Bantam Chicken Temperament

Bantams are generally have good temperaments. However, there are many different varieties of bantams. Although most are generally good tempered, temperament varries breed-to-breed and bird-to-bird.

In spite of their reputably good natures, Bantam roosters are sometimes boldly territorial with other roosters. In fact, Bantam roosters have been known to stand up and challenge other roosters FAR bigger In size. The scenario, as you can imagine, is quite amusing. Hens also carry this bold/determined characteristic. Bantam hens are known to be highly protective with their young.


Image above of Bantam challenging full-sized (standard) rooster from Backyard Chickens


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