Bantam Chickens: Fun Sized Poultry!

    bantam-chickens-compared-regular-sizeFeatured above: Standard Silkie beside bantam. Image from My Pet Chicken

 Bantam chickens (also called ‘Banties’), come in many colors and varieties. Bantams only weigh about 1-2 pounds (one-third to one fifth the size of their larger cousins)…

What is a Bantam Chicken?

Bantams are miniature chickens (kinda like fun sized M&Ms). There are two different types of Bantam chickens: true Bantams and imitative miniatures. True Bantams have no larger counterpart. Imitative miniatures have a larger counterpart. D’Uccles, Seramas, D’Anvers, Sebrights, Booted, Japanese and Dutch are all true Bantams (all have no larger version). Breeds that have bantie versions (Imitative miniatures) include: SilkiesWyandottes, Polishes, Plymouth Rocks and Welsummers. Since banties can be any breed, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Why Choose Banties?

Bantams (whether ‘true’ or not) are not only efficient when space is a concern but they often make great pets. They are also very entertaining and endearing. However, since Banties are so small, they are more vulnerable to predators (hawks, raccoons and dogs) and need a secure area.

Bantam Chicken Egg Production

Banties lay about 150 little eggs per year. Also, Bantie eggs are about 1/2-1/3 the size of regular chicken eggs (So cute!).

       Bantam Chicken Temperament

There are many different varieties of bantams. Although most are generally good tempered, temperament varries breed-to-breed and bird-to-bird.

Bantam roosters don’t seem to notice their slight size… In fact, bantie roosters have been known to stand up and challenge other roosters FAR bigger. The scenario, as you can imagine, is quite amusing…


Image above of Bantam challenging full-sized (standard) rooster from Backyard Chickens


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